instinct as knowledge by FLiber 2019 woinprogr small

  • Instinct as knowledge, studies for Art Fairs 2019


aenew york f liber 2019 copy

  • HARD DISK g u t s” – ready to sent to New York
“I’m coming straight outta …” B.I.G.



DSC_0149 small

  • ART FAIR New York 2019, Pier 92 [solo] AENY19 by Florian LIBER – Notable artists who have benefited from AENY:  Andy Warhol, Peter Max, Robert Rauschenberg according to Washington Times.


em outra dr medium fliber


2m posthuman 003 copy   392497-800w copy



em outra stg medium F


left det small




embodiment copy medium size

  • 50x38x5 inches, relief painting






totem copy medium

totem 1 small

  • Totem by F.L., wood sculpture  – neolithique (6000 BC)



ballet s destructive

  • “Ballet’s Destructive Power” by F.Liber, 48 x 96 inches – This repeated destruction becomes a drug to destroy everything then to rebuild from nothing (S. Polunin).

polunin power destr acrylic 48 x 48 inches Liber copy








ballet s dead small

  • 48×96 inches – human body deconstruction (Derrida, Lyotard)




ballet dead fliber wordpr

nijinsky faun copy   Nijinsky by Neumeier, Hamburg, Germany

photo expo 2018 borenstein copy

  • “Nijinsky” opening, 122 x 185 cm; art dealer Stanley BORENSTEIN, Montreal and Toronto.





scene ceci est mon corps

  • segmented primordials 36×48 inches




vital few right small

  • “Vital Few” performance



WASHED BLUES - cobalt, azure and aqua
  • WASHED BLUES – cobalt, azure and aqua


caption 02

  • see Paper/ Studies and Folding paper, time and space


La plainte de deux coeurs
  • “Feral Warrior, Aurignacian Culture” (origin of humanity signs, right-up);

Dim. 48x36x45 inches (work in progress for 2019 competitions;

Meine Beschwerde ist die Beschwerde von zwei Herzen



new aquisition 2009 Florian Liber by Mr Borenstein

  • archive image, Florian Liber – Sun Warriors/ Guerriers du soleil. 30×60 inches, 2007 | SOLD 2009 Philadelphia, USA




Artist Studio, Montreal and Opening NYC, NY 2017

raw pics F liber vital few inconscience corps SENSO oct small opening 04




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