Folding paper space and time

  • Sliding Mode control law, Ind. Robotics

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KEY WORDS: SIMNON emulation, industrial robot, real time, robust control law, DSP, simulation language – nonlinear differential equations, digital mathematical model

ABSTRACT: The multiple joints of the industrial robot arm determine a strong nonlinearity of the system with complicated interactions in the space of these couplings / joints. These interactions represent gravitational forces dependent on the position of the arm, the forces determined by the Coriolis accelerations, the reaction forces and the centrifugal ones. Moreover, taking into account the variable loads of the arm the problem becomes even more complicated […] Systems with variable structure (SVS).

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  • Dipl.eng. in Cybernetics and Robotics, engineer’s degree honor diploma, Florin Liber (artist name Florian).
  • Research since 1996: Robotics Control and Artificial Intelligence AI Florian Liber, artist



abstract cyber

  • cybernetic abstraction: paper, charcoal and digital media, (c) F Liber 2018, dim 100 x 110 cm